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Products: GP Contact Lenses & Ancillary Supplies – Specializing in Scleral Lens Designs

Acculens, founded in 1970 has grown into one of the premier GP manufacturers of custom lenses. The Acculens Maxim Scleral lens has gained international recognition and is changing the lives of patients who could not otherwise gain the vision they truly need. Acculens continues to focus on products that can improve lives, education in the industry, and advancing technology in GP designs bringing new innovation to practitioners and their patients. The Maxim, Comfort SL, and EasyFit are not stock lens products and can enjoy the highest number of modifications and adjustments available on the market today. Acculens is proud to be your partner in custom scleral lens designing.

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Products: Insurance Billing – Optometry Specific

About: VisionWeb Insurance Revenue Cycle Management

Proper claims management practices and revenue cycle processes can help you generate income from insurance claims. However, a lack of claims knowledge, high employee turnover, lack of capacity, and lack of transparency may be affecting your ability to capitalize on this revenue-stream. VisionWeb Insurance Revenue Cycle Management works the billing cycle for you, so your practice can increase payments, decrease bad debt write-offs, and increase patient satisfaction. Our insurance billing experts focus only on optometry billing and our successful submission time of vision and medical insurance claims is 3x faster than the national rate.

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Products: Frames – Including Private Label!

Sho Eyeworks derives its name and inspiration from the word shokunin. As the shokunin, or Japanese artisans, utilize their honed technical skills for the benefit of society, Sho Eyeworks applies their expertise and experience to develop quality eyewear. Sho Collection consists of "Slim" a refined Premium Acetate and "Align" a100% titanium Made in Japan.

Kick Off Promotion: Receive an ongoing 5% discount and additional 5% discount with minimum opening order of 30 pcs and 30/60/90 day extended billing!

Private Label and Classics by Sho – Why private label? With the ever changing market (corporate & insurance "take-over" and internet "no-service" sales), higher service, exclusivity, and margins are that much more important to stay independent, competitive, and different.
Sho Eyeworks is committed to supporting and partnering with independent ECP's that care and take pride in the product and services they deliver!

Call Sho Eyeworks today to schedule an appointment to view the collections!

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Raen Optics Logo

Products: Frames

Handmade & Heartfelt. Raen Optics emphasis on design is reinforced by the materials they use to build their ideas. All Raen frames are constructed with the highest quality zyl acetates and metals, and finished with market leading Carl Zeiss Vision CR-39 lenses.

Every Raen frame is hand-finished and much of the cutting is hand-guided. Each cut, each screw, each flourish is informed by the original vision with nothing lost to a generic assembly line.
After cutting, each RAEN frame is formed by hand to perfectly match its intended silhouette and then checked with a micrometer to tolerances of 1/100th of an inch. After forming, each frame is either hand polished on a wheel with jeweler-grade precision, imbuing luster that lasts, or is given a unique matte finish that brings out a whole other side to the material used.

These handmade frames allow any lens to be swapped out for a prescription lens, transforming your favorite style into customized Rx optics. Opticians always prefer to work with handmade frames because the acetate can be heated and molded to achieve a perfect fit for any face. Core wire inserts allow almost limitless fine-tuning.

Call Raen Optics today to schedule an appointment!

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Contact Max Radach at 760-436-7369 , email or visit


Products: Online Business Training & Resources specifically for Eye Care Professionals / Marketing Services

Scot Morris, OD and the 4ECPs team of like-minded individuals share one common passion: Eye Care. They've developed an extensive library of training and resources to help the IECP make running a business much easier. Content added Weekly! Why spend your valuable time creating a procedure manual or job description when you can purchase them here?!

Monthly or annual subscriptions available with access to E-Guides and Video's or buy downloadable resources and work documents a la carte as you need them! Login to your Vision West account, click on the Training4ECPs web button, and subscribe or order today!

Vision West Discount: 20%

Innovative Marketing for the Eye Care Practice that Gets It! 4ECPs will dedicate their team of marketing experts, working only in eye care, to your practice. They will provide all the services you need and will only represent your practice in your area. Their program includes: marketing/brand strategy, new patient acquisition through targeted lead generation campaigns, patient communication, website & content creation, SEO, graphic design, online video & event marketing. Call marketing 4ECPs today for more information or logon to their website. Demo's available!
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Contact Kevin Wilhelm at 855-463-7704 , email or visit

mad vision

Products: Exclusive US Distributor of Red Bull Eyewear, iHuman Adaptable Eyewear, and Von Arkel Vision

Mad Vision works in close partnership with some of the most preeminent and desired brands in the world, which enables us to offer high-quality, competitively priced products. With luxury, designer, sport, and affordable eyewear, our portfolio provides an option for any taste and demographic.

Our selections include popular worldwide brands that are renowned for quality. Each has distinguished itself in a competitive marketplace through a unique vision and commitment to craftsmanship. Truly amazing men's wear.

Red Bull– Brand DNA – Daring, Passionate, Innovative, Creative, Tenacious, Precise, Fun, Pushing the Limits, Spectacular, Courageous, Reliable, Sporty

iHuman –The Pocket Series is a high-end, functional, compact and lightweight optical frame with a case close to the size of a smartphone and easily fits into your pocket.

The Offlimit Series is the first rubber-metal eyewear collection in the market. This series was created to provide extreme flexibility & strength.

The Findme Series offers an unprecendented solution for the absent minded. Locate your glasses with your smart phone, or locate your smart phone with your glasses thanks to an amazing downloaded application.

Von Arkel – Swiss Made Monobloc Stainless Steel frames without any solder or screws making them supple, durable, and extremely light with a patented hinge design that is completely wear-free.

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Products: Exclusive Distributor of European Designer Eyewear Brands: Frederic Beausoleil, Oliver Goldsmith Spectacle, Xavier Garcia Barcelona, Tartine & Chocolat (kids) Chick Italy (kids)

What Makes them Special: Since its creation in 1994, Prisme Optical Group has continuously refined and expanded its expertise in exclusive eyewear.

Equipped with technical know-how, aesthetic sense, as well as merchandising and advertising expertise, Prisme Optical Group is a leading distributor of exclusive European designer frames.

Prisme Optical Group features a dynamic portfolio of brands offering you the customer a wide range of top Designer name brands. A dynamic brand selection that is unmatched in the optical industry. Frederic Beausoleil, Oliver Goldsmith Spectacles, Xavier Garcia, Tartine & Chocolat and Chick.

We offer three different incomparable eyewear perspectives from three key cities known for creation: Paris, London and Barcelona.
This diversity gives us three different artistic visions from neoclassical style with Beausoleil to fashion vintage avant-garde of Goldsmith without forgetting the metropolitan modernity of Xavier Garcia.

As part of our expansion in the US, we are also introducing 2 children's collections: the original "timeless chic" from Paris, Tartine & Chocolat and from Italy the almost indestructible Chick.

Vision West Discount: 7% to 10%

Contact Carole Menard at 888-281-9987, email or visit

US OphthalimicProducts: Diagnostic & Surgical Equipment, Tools, & Furniture


US Ophthalmic is globally dedicated to providing high-tech medical equipment to all eyecare professionals, helping maximize the efficiency of all eye care professionals and ensuring the precision and reliability of the diagnostic process while contributing to improve the visual health of the entire population through the continuous improvement of the quality system.

Our objectives are to research and provide high quality optical equipment and make it accessible to all eyecare professionals.

Our wide product range includes:
Patternless Edgers, Autorefractometers, Keratometers, Phoropters, Chart Projectors, Lens meters, Digital Refractors, Slit lamps, Instrument Tables, Refraction Units, Digital Pupil meters.
With more than 20 years of experience, we are committed to providing our partners with the maximum value and the dependable
relationship that is needed in today's marketplace without compromising on selection or customer service.

Some of our competitive advantages are:
• Direct and exclusive relationship with manufacturers.
• Extensive inventory. We stock everything we offer
• Factory trained and supported technicians.
• US location assures you easy and direct communication and service.

Call US Ophthalmics today for help with your equipment needs!

Vision West Discount: Up To 15%

Contact Daniel Dauber at 888-334-4640, email or visit for additional informaiton.

Products: Luxury and Sport & Lifestyle Eyewear – RX glasses and Sunglasses

Boucheron – Focuses on the QUATRE line to establish a clear association between Eyewear and Jewelry collections.
Brioni – This one of a kind eyewear concept, handmade in Italy & Japan, focuses on a balance between technology and tailoring elegance.
Bottega Veneta –A new design direction consistent with the Bottega Veneta master icon, the Intrecciato.
Saint Laurent – This strongly unisex line has made quality enhancements while maintaining their "Couture cool" and "Rebel Luxury" style.
Stella McCartney – To embrace the brand's environmentally-friendly philosophy these frames are sustainably made with the most avant-guarde bio-based materials
Alexander McQueen – Iconic and oversize shapes primarily inspired by Alexander McQueen leather goods: gold metal inserts, piercing iconic details, with a vintage taste.
Christopher Kane – This cool edgy capsule collection is designed to transform classic shapes and inspirations into extraordinary pieces.
Tomas Maier – The capsule collection has an iconic and timeless east coast design, translating understated and classy "casual side of life" with Italian manufacturing and integrity price range.
McQ–Strong focus on 2 iconic concepts to make a fashion statement: material clash of acetates and metals, for a modern vintage look; new full lens concept for urban and design driven styles.
Puma –Leading innovation in the sport performance range, Puma continues their endless movement to push the sport forward and be Forever Faster.

Additional Info: In 2014, Kering had initiated a strategic move aiming at building in-house eyewear expertise for its Luxury and Sport & Lifestyle brands, with a dedicated entity specialized in luxury, high-end and sport eyewear managed by a skilled team of experienced professionals. With this new business model, Kering, together with its brands, will fully control the Eyewear value chain, from design to product development and supply chain, and from branding and marketing to sales.

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To reach Kering Eyewear contact Customer Service at 844-790-9164 email or visit for additional informaiton.

Italia SpexProducts: Frames

Additional Info: Founded in 2007 Italia Spex is a creative & stylish brand that blends fashion and design, tradition and innovation.

Italia Independent eyewear collection, "Made in Italy" is updated by revisiting classic icons and proven styles. Materials and treatments often never seen before, new technologies & craftsmanship are wisely combined to bring something finally new to the eyewear industry.

Adidas Originals eyewear collection features a thoughtful bi-injection of high-performance polymers and elastomeric rubbers. Superior comfort & perfect fit along with integrated hinges and embossed logos on the temples.

I-I Eyewear is a perfect blend of thoughtful engineering & fashion design. Recent industry studies are showing a significant growth in a specific consumer target characterized by strong interest in fast changing eyewear for value oriented consumers. This collection was conceived to target such a consumer base with superior technical characteristics as well as extremely favorable pricing for both you and your customers. Call Italia Spex today!

Vision West Discount: 10%

To reach Italia Spex contact Customer Service at 800-277-3979.