How to convert a vendor!

To convert or add vendors to your account you will need to download or print our Vision West Transfer-it-Now Form. Then fill out the signature page on the front of the form, which gives us permission to act as your agent,and you are ready to start selecting vendors. Write your existing account numbers next to the vendors that you already do business with. If this will be a brand new account with one of our vendors please write the word "new" next to that particular vendor or vendors.

Most vendors accept our signature page/cover sheet as an acceptable application. However, some of our vendors may need you fill out a separate application along with our conversion form.

The following vendors require a separate application be filled out.

Just click on the appropriate vendor to view and print their application.

After filling out all of the necessary paperwork please fax it to 800.861.4685. As the accounts are converted you will receive regular updates from our Customer Service Representatives.

If you have questions please give us a call at 800.640-9485.

Vision West will except any billing terms offered to you by our vendors.