Candy Sorgani Administrator Glendale Eye Medical Group

"Even though Glendale Eye Medical Group has been a client of Vision West for many years I had not had the opportunity to work closely with them."
"Fortunately, I was introduced to Carline Sreboth of Vision West and she has been a life saver (seriously)! Carline has top notch customer service skills. She is knowledgable, efficient and caring. I actually look forward to speaking with her about our account! 
"Thank you Vision West for building such a great company!"

Candy Sorgani
Glendale Eye Medical Group

"Vision West has the most incredible customer service imaginable!  I am always blown away by the type of world class service I receive from all of their staff especially Erika Young.  Not only does she always answer the phone with a smile, she always remembers what is going on in your life and asks about it.  This personal touch is rare and hard to find.  Also, she will spend countless hours working on a project for you and will never make you feel bad for asking.  Her dedication to your practice is always above and beyond the call of duty.  I highly recommend joining Vision West — they can customize their products to suit your practice's needs, and I can definitely vouch for their reputation of having an amazing team to help with every aspect of the growth and management of your practice.  It was one of the best decisions I ever made for my office."

Christine W. Chan, OD

Dr. Bryant Vo and Staff

Dear Carline,

We wanted to thank you as an office for all the help you've provided for my practice. Transferring the business was not very easy, so to have your help, the way you've helped, is very much appreciated!

Please enjoy some coffee!


Dr. Bryand Vo & Staff

Glendale Eye Medical Group

"Even though Glendale Eye Medical Group has been a client of Vision West for many years I had not had the opportunity to work closely with them."

"Fortunately, I was introduced to Carline Sreboth of Vision West and she has been a life saver (seriously)! Carline has top notch customer service skills. She is knowledgably, efficient and caring. I actually look forward to speaking with her about our account!"

"Thank you Vision West for building such a great company! "

Candy Sorgani
Glendale Eye Medical Group

"I've been very happy with Vision West. Anytime I have a problem, I can email my rep and it is resolved quickly. I like that most of the information is on the website so I can download invoices and pay my bill electronically saving paper and postage! I've been with other buying groups in the past and this by far has been my best experience."

A Sight for Sport Eyes

"Using Vision West makes my office run much more efficiently. Since the bills are consolidated and it's easier to keep track of purchases, our inventory management is a snap. And they are very supportive to the private practice."

Jeff Anshel, OD, FAAO

"Vision West has been fantastic for our practice. The people are amazing. They are great at their job. They personalize themselves by calling us and giving us promotions that vendors are offering frequently. They go out of their way to service our needs. The discounts that we receive by using them have helped out tremendously. To sum up the value of having Vision West I would say FANTASTIC! All of us at Apple Valley Eyewear appreciate Vision West and we really appreciate the people who work so hard there. Jolinda and Erika are the true meaning of customer service."

Karen Saucerman, Manager.
Apple Valley Eyewear

"Vision West has been there for me when I first graduated optometry school by contributing to my state association. When it was time to start my own practice, I did not hesitate to contact Vision West to help simplify my finance operations. They have a wide selection of vendors with reasonable discount rates. Their online statements are easy to understand. I don't have to worry if I miss an invoice from a vendor because requesting invoices from different vendors is a breeze. The team at Vision West is always very friendly to work with, and they respond to my questions in a timely manner. My local representative, Linda Butler, offer helpful insights and is a true friend in my practice!."

Elaine Chung, O.D., F.A.A.O.
River Oaks Family Optometry

Ronald F Janda OD"Thank you for nearly 20-years of services! I like that Vision West is a true supporter of the COA (California Optometric Association) and the Schools of Optometry, in addition to private practices. I know I had a small account, but you always treated me as an important one."

Ronald F. Janda, O.D.

"Incredibly helpful in practice transition. Set up accounts, finding vendors and help with transitioning from old to new accounts were made much easier by Vision West."

Dr. Kenneth Chu
Hermosa Beach, CA

"I've been using Vision West since I opened my new practice October 2011 and have been very satisfied. I use Vision West to keep my bills and vendors organized. They are a great resource to find vendors with the best products and discounts. I also took advantage of their COA (California Optometric Association) 90-days no admin fees promotion which helped the office save a lot of money. Thank you Vision West, Crest Optometry looks forward to many years of business with you."

Dr. Pham
Crest Optometry

"We at Liberty Sport, have had nothing but a professional and friendly experience with Vision West over the past twenty years. Their people are knowledgeable, friendly and try to resolve their customer's problems in a timely manner. Liberty Sport hopes to have another twenty years working closely with Vision West. Nothing but the best service to their customers."

Ursula Tartaglia, Credit Manager
Liberty Sport

"We would like to offer our compliments to your customer service representative, Carline, who assisted us recently.  Carline was professional, thorough and knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to service our account.  Her pleasant demeanor, consistent follow up and genuine interest in providing excellent customer service is a rare find in today's business world. We feel that Carline is a true asset to your company and her courteous service will keep us as customers of Vision West for years to come."

Thank you,
Dr. Robert Howard,
Eye Care Plus

"I want to compliment the staff at Vision West for the superior service I've received recently.  I've been a member for 15 years now and never ever had a problem with the service received.  But, the service recently has been simply exceptional and I wanted to mention it to you.  They have all been extremely patient with my questions and have gone the extra mile to provide solutions to address my needs.

Gregory Hom, OD, MPH, FAAO

"My practice has been working with Vision West for several years now.  I have found them very easy to work with & we get big discounts from all the vendors.  Their customer service has been fantastic & I look forward to working with them for many years to come."

Michael Mayer, O.D.

"I utilized the credentialing services to become a Medicare provider 1 year ago through the Credentialing Specialists of America.  I had applied to become a Medicare provider in the past and had the application rejected once after spending many hours filling it out.  Veronica, the credentialing expert at CSOA, was extremely helpful in getting all the necessary paperwork together and was very professional every step of the way.  In no time, I became a provider.  It was such an easy and pleasant experience that I would recommend this service to anyone."

Agnes Kim, O.D.
North Coast Vision Optometry

"Our practice has been with Vision West for over 20 years. The personalized services they provide focus on the individuality of each practice and the benefits have  enhanced our practice bottom line. We're glad to be a member!"

Beverly Smith, O.D., M.B.A.
Focused Optometric Consultants
San Ramon Family Optometry, Inc.

“Vision West has been a great resource for me.  They help by contacting the vendors I wish to do business and establish the account. They handle any problems that may come between the vendors and my business. They do all these things quickly and are very friendly, Erika has been a great resource for our office by sending to us the credit invoices, which are not sent to me by the vendors. this is exactly what I am looking for when to comes to people I do business with.  Thank you Vision West! 

Jeff Kirby ABO, NCLE, Owner
Vision Optical

“Vision West is AWESOME!!!!!!  Every time I phone in I get fast and efficient answers and they are very cooperative.  They are great to work with”

Xenia Dominguez, Sales Assistant
Zyloware Corporation

“We are very happy with all the service and attention. We switched from a different buying group and we received very prompt attention. ”

Angela, Office Manager
Newport Eyewear

“ Vision West went out of the way to help us with a huge problem with one of our vendors. Vision West customer service did a lot of follow through and our problem was solved.”

Rose, Office Manager
Alexander Tenentes, OD

“I am always happy with the service Vision West provides. I am always pleased with the Vision West staff and also the discounts given.”

Happy Eyes Optical

“I have been practicing in corporate optometry for more than 12 years.  This past December, my husband and I decided to return to private practice.  My husband was responsible for building out the office and I was responsible for setting up all our accounts.  Coming from a corporate practice, where my managers took care of everything, starting a private practice proved to be quite a challenge.  Thankfully, a friend from the west coast recommended me to contact Vision West.  I am in the deep south, so my plan was to look for a buying group in the south.  However, I took my friend's advice and called Vision West anyway, just to learn.  My first and only representative at Vision West was Erika.  What a pleasant young lady!  Once I spoke to Erika, there was no reason for me to look anywhere else.  To begin with, Erika has such a pleasant phone voice.  But most importantly, she was extremely  helpful.  Erika told me to fill out an application for Vision West and the rest was history. She set up all my accounts with all my frame and contact lens companies.  All I had to do was to 'sign at the dotted lines'.  That was easy!  A few weeks later, I called Vision West... again.  This time, I needed a lab in my neck of the woods.  Erika provided me with a list of laboratory in my area. The best part of all, my bills from all my accounts are consolidated.  Each month, we pay our bills one time through our credit card that remains on file at Vision West.
I have never known of a buying group whose customer service is more superior than that of Vision West.  I truly appreciate the service and professionalism of its representatives.  My job has been made much easier, thanks to Vision West!.”

Camtu Hoang Nguyen, O.D.

“Vision West has provided us with numerous discounts that has helped the bottom line of our practice tremendously. The staff at Vision West has been excellent to work with and very helpful with any questions or problems we have. An account is very easy to set up and well worth the time and effort that goes into it! Our practice would highly recommend Vision West to anyone looking for a wonderful buying group!

Lindsey Garey, Office Manager
Steamboat Vision Clinic

“Vision West is the BOMB! They always go out of their way.”

Kelley, Optician & Susan, Office Manager
Michael R Lewis, OD

“We are happy with the discounts that Vision West has to offer.
After comparing with other buying groups we came out ahead with Vision West.”

Bonnie, Office Manager
DEY Optical

"Vision West is very convenient and accommodating in all of our eye care needs."

Bare River Eye Center

"Vision West is one of my best vendors.  We work very well as a team.  Vision West has been very cooperative with us.  The whole staff is wonderful.

Cheryl Brown
North Bay Eye

"I contacted Vision West with my detailed info, you took over the fight for me...then miraculously (2 days later) the credit was issued. In my 27 years experience, I've never seen any buying group look out for the little guy. Thanks again, I appreciate Vision West."

Jim, Office Manager
Jeryl L. Sparks O.D.
Richardson Vision and Contact Lens Clinic


"The webinar about Yelp was fantastic - it gave our office the tools we needed to claim our listing and create an effective Yelp presence."

Antelope Valley Optometric Center


"From customer service, to problem solving with efficiency in a timely manner, Vision West is superb with their customer."

Cecelia, Office Manager
Rod A Garcia, OD

"The Vision West staff has been extremely helpful and the financial statements are straightforward and easy to understand."

Penn Moody, OD

"I absolutely love going on line any paying through out the month." 
It helps to make multiple payments."

Kathy Daly
Santa Cruz Optometric

"The Vision West website is easy to handle and very user friendly, and I am excited about the new online Social Media resources. Vision West gives me the tools I need to stay competitive."

Bill Franz, Optician
Dallas Youth Optical