Vision West, Inc. is wholey committed to improving our impact on the environment through our client, vendor and member network and througout the Optometric community. With our continued commitment to educating our network as well as practicing these same green initiatives we continue to find ways to reduce redundency and waste. From digital forms and invoices to our FSC approved suppliers we are always looking for ways to reduce the footprint of our industry.

Green Spectrum eco-friendly solutions, is a total company policy focusing on the greening of our business and reduction of waste. This initiative includes: Techology + Database Driven Documentation, Print and Paper Materials Reduction/Recycling, Green Education, Paperless Statement and Notification Options, Web-based Invoices, Paperless Statements, Notifications and Promotions, Statements and Internal Documentation Printed on Recycled Paper and Other Promotional Printed Advertising FSC-certified through our printing suppliers.

Our Green Spectrum eco-friendly solutions initative is but one indication of this, as well as our partnership with Cathy Ives, contributor to our OptiCenter Newsletter and co-founder of Visit her blog at to find out more about Cathy and what you can do to improve your environmental impact—and begin to see the world through the Green Spectrum.


Forest Stewardship Counsil (FSP)Carrying the FSC-certification logo on your print products tells the world that you support the highest social and environmental standards in the market where you use paper.  Your purchase of FSC-certified paper and print products contribute to conservation, responsible management, and community level benefits for people near the forests that provide your paper.

Corporate social responsibility issues are becoming a core component of corporate brands. Dealing responsibly with your company’s footprint cannot only reduce risk, but can enhance your brand if you walk the walk and know how to talk about it. Visit the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) on-line at for further informaiton.