FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I become a member of Vision West?

A: Complete an online membership application or call our Customer Service Department at 800.640.9485 for more details. You will be notified as soon as your account is established. At that time, you will receive your Vision West member number.

Q: Is there a fee to become a member of Vision West?

A: No. Membership enrollment is free, and Vision West is open to everyone.

Q: How do I start using my Vision West account?

A: First, your vendors need to change your billing status so your purchases are billed through Vision West. You can either do this yourself by calling the vendors directly, or by completing the Vision West Account Conversion form. Your Customer Service Specialist can help you complete this form. Just call 800.640.9485 for assistance.

Q: Do I use my Vision West member number to place orders with vendors?

A: Each vendor has a different policy. There are three possible scenarios:

  1. A vendor will utilize your newly assigned Vision West member number.
  2. A vendor will issue you their own account number.
  3. A vendor will continue to use the account number you had with them prior and will simply convert it to bill to Vision West.

Q: What is an Account Conversion Form?

A: A document that is sent to vendors to authorize the billing change in your vendor account. We send the form along with verification of your Vision West membership. Once they have set your account up to bill through Vision West, you will be notified of any changes to your account number.

Q: How do I convert or add a vendor?

A: To convert or add vendors to your account you will need to download or print our Vision West Vendor list/ application form. Then fill out the signature page on the front of the form, which gives us permission to act as your agent, and you are ready to start selecting vendors. Write your existing account numbers next to the vendors that you already do business with. If this will be a brand new account with one of our vendors please write the word "new" next to that particular vendor or vendors.

Most vendors accept our signature page/cover sheet as an acceptable application. However, some of our vendors may need you fill out a separate application along with our conversion form. For vendor specific forms visit: how do I convert a vendor page to download vendor specific conversion forms.

Q: Do I have to complete an Account Conversion Form to change the billing of my vendor accounts?

A: No, you can request the billing change from some vendors directly. Simply call the vendors and ask them to set up your account to bill through Vision West Buying Group. They will ask for your Vision West member number and then call us to verify your request. Others will require Vision West to establish the account on your behalf. Call Vision West at 800.640.9485 to help with this process.

Q: Can I begin using Vision West's services as soon as I have a member number?

A: Yes! When you receive a member number, it is official and you can begin utilizing the many benefits of Vision West membership, including free education seminars, networking resources, practice management tools, discounted pharmaceuticals and supplies and much more!